Medical Marijuana and Cannabis Based Businesses:

Regulatory Legal Compliance and Business Advice for Legal Medical Marijuana and Cannabis Based Businesses

The ever changing legal landscape for both medical marijuana and legal recreational marijuana means cannabis based businesses need an attorney who understands the regulations that are in place and can help anticipate future regulations that may be implemented. 

  • Advise and Counsel On:
    • Compliant Packaging 
    • Compliant Advertising
    • Liability Risks and Resolution
    • Hiring Practices and Agreements
    • Product Recalls
    • Security Issues and Safety Codes
    • Intellectual Property
    • Vendor Agreements

Business Advice and Contracts:

​Devon Landis Law can help provide advisory services and contractual drafting for every step and stage of your business.  Attorney Landis provides advice and guidance on all business related activity and crafts legal documents that help promote and protect the interests.

  • Business Formation: 
    • Helping clients select the appropriate legal entity from the outset based on the needs and goals of the owners.  Sole proprietorships, corporations, limited liability companies and partnerships each have their own unique benefits and drawbacks.
    • Drafting of governing documents. Foundational legal documents such as Corporation Bylaws or Operating Agreements  are one of the most important documents drafted when forming a new business. These documents  outline ownership interest rights and responsibilities of owners, intellectual property ownership, and financial details.

  • Drafting Of Additional Legal Business Contracts 
    • Invention Assignment Agreements
    • Noncompete Agreements
    • Confidentiality Non-Disclosure Agreements
    • Independent Contractor Agreements
    • Employment Contracts Agreements
    • ​Entering into and drafting documents that reflect the business needs

  • Risk Identification:
    • ​​ Identifying and advising on activity related to business goals while concurrently  addressing and resolving any issues or risks to the business​.


Advice and Counsel on:

  • Privacy Rights
  • Defamation
  • Freedom of Speech
  • Copyright Protection
  • Fair Use


  • Copyright Counseling
  • Sale of Fine Art Contract
  • Artist- Gallery Agreement
  • Contract to Commission Artwork
  • Model Release
  • Review of any contracts presented to you can be reviewed with a side-by-side clause explanation explaining the meaning and any potential risks or benefits

Legal Services and Practice Areas 

Includes, but is not limited to the following practice areas and services.  Devon Landis Law knows that each business is unique and aims to craft agreements and provide legal services with that in mind:

Devon Landis Law.                                                                                                                                                                                              Based in Rhode Island and also barred in Massachusetts 

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  • Photographer-Gallery Contract
  • Photographer-Agency Agreement
  • Work-for-Hire Agreement
  • Property Release
  • Model Release
  • Collaboration Agreements

Independent Music Business:

  • Business Formation
  • Artist Agreement: Whether you are the music producer, or the artist, a legal agreement is necessary to protect both parties interests and allow each to focus on their real tasks at hand. 

Copyright and Trademark 

  • Protecting your ideas and brand through  copyright and trademark is a vital and important step for both artists and businesses. Counsel and assistance available.

Internet Based Businesses

  • Business Formation: counseling on choice of legal entity

  • Drafting website policies such as

    • Terms of Use 
    • Legal Disclaimer 
    • Privacy Policy
  • DMCA: Digital Millenium Copyright Act requires notice be given to those  who are believed to have infringed on copyrighted material. Devon Landis Law can assist in the proper language and notice, as well as, DMCA take down notice to infringers

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​Film, TV, and Webisodes:


  • Business Formation Counseling 
  • Pre-screen and vet scripts, films, documentaries for any and all risks and liabilities

Negotiate and Drafting of Contracts:

  •  Talent/Appearance Releases
  • Audition Releases
  • Location Releases
  • Work-for-Hire Agreements
  • Music Licensing Assistance
  • Review of any and all contracts presented to film company with clause by clause written explanation
  • Crew Agreements
  • Production Agreements 
  • Certificate of Authorship